IV Vitamin Therapy: Common Questions & Answers

2 Apr 2020

You’ve probably heard about using IV drips for hospital patients, but did you know that this method of providing direct nutrients to your body can also be used for optimising your health and wellness? 

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How to Incorporate Holistic Health & Wellness in Hong Kong

25 Nov 2019

Hong Kong has consistently been ranked among the world’s most stressed cities over the last few years, with money and self-induced societal pressures cited as two leading causes of stress – along with the lack of work-life balance, heavy workload and lack of sleep.

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Topics: Functional Medicine, Aesthetics & Wellness

Understanding Abs Muscle Separation (Diastasis Recti) Postpartum

23 Oct 2019

Have you been noticing a bulge in your stomach since your pregnancy that isn’t going away? It could be diastasis recti. 

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9 Plastic Surgery Safety Tips for Faster Recovery

9 Oct 2019

A recent statistics report has revealed that plastic surgery is on the rise across all demographics – women and men, young and old are increasingly seeking plastic surgery solutions to improve their appearance and mental well-being. But regardless of the plastic surgery chosen, a significant concern for many individuals is post-operative recovery and care. 

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