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Internationally Accredited Clinics in Hong Kong

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Tel: 2155 4413

Your OT&P assurance

OT&P’s International Accreditation guarantees international standards of care. Our English speaking and overseas trained doctors are happy to discuss your treatment plan in both family medicine and specialist medicine. If you do need hospital care our staff can assist in getting a quotation. We can help you to arrange a guarantee insurance prepayment if you are entitled to. Additionally, we can help you to arrange an admission at your convenience, to an excellent private hospital. We dispense medicines manufactured by major international pharmaceutical companies and have direct billing arrangements with most of the large insurance companies.

Our international standards and accreditation

OT&P was the first medical clinic in Hong Kong to gain international accreditation with ACHS which is endorsed by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), the body that oversees healthcare standards worldwide. Read more about it here.



What our patients say

"A genuine family GP practice where patients are known and able to see their doctor of choice without undue waiting time." (OT&P Patient survey 2014)

"All doctors at this practice are brilliant. We don't mind who we see. We feel thankful that we have such excellent doctors and facilities in this area" (OT&P Patient survey 2013)

" The visits have always been informative, professional and taken care of the problem or health concern." (OT&P Patient survey 2012)